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Dear Members

Following government guidelines and permission for indoor gyms to reopen, we are pleased to announce our forthcoming plan.

We will open in two phases; on Saturday 25th July we will open for Squad classes, followed one week later with our General classes programme on Saturday August 1st. Please see below two timetables; one for Saturday 25th July and a second that will operate from Saturday 1st August. The timetable is only for the month of August, the September schedule will be reviewed inline with Government guidelines and be released in the coming weeks.

Due to the restrictions in place for COVID-19 we’ll be making a number of changes, please see the following information that will be put in place;

  • The gym has been carefully cleaned and sanitised and will continue to be until further notice.
  • Increased hygiene processes including hand washing and hand wipes during training.
  • No entry if you have had any symptoms in the past 14 days.
  • Everyone within the building are to wear face masks, coaches will wear these throughout the lesson.
  • Arrival and departure times will be staggered.
  • Entry via the front door and studio door, exit via fire exits.
  • Indoor waiting areas will be closed until further notice.
  • Parents are required to wait outside or within their car where possible.
  • Social distancing of 1 metre plus will be carefully observed with floor stickers and equipment in place as a reminder.
  • Maximum numbers in the gym will be half of the normal class size, approximately 30m² metres per gymnast.
  • Daily monitoring of Public Health England and Government guidelines for additional procedures that may arise over time.

General classes

We will offer two class time options for each class, except some in Gym 2 where there is more space. The first will be approximately the normal day and time. The second will be during the day. Each of these classes will have space for half the normal gymnasts and will be filled on a first come first served basis. Please email Katie on from Monday 20th July tor reserve your space or for payments or queries. Most gymnasts will have a credit from April and one week of March, therefore likely to be no class to pay for the August period.

Squad classes

Squad classes have been reduced by one day, and at a reduced session length. Most sessions will be 2.5 hours. Please see the timetable for clarification. Head coaches will clarify any questions you may have. As all gymnasts have a different schedule than their regular hours, we have decided it would be fair for all if we charged each group ONLY for the hours they train, not an average for all. Therefore using our sliding scale fee structure each group will pay for the exact hours for 5 weeks training, plus 3 weeks of online training in July. Payments by BACS or cash or card at reception. Please include the gymnasts name in the information box if you pay by BACS.

Other classes

Our Playgym sessions, Parties, Holiday Club and Adult Gym classes are cancelled until further notice. Club assessment joining sessions will recommence from September, please check our website regularly for any further updates.

We're excited for our long-awaited return to gymnastics and look forward to welcoming you all back!

HGC Management
The timetables are subject to change at short notice, please regularly check back here for any changes (version 7.0).
(Last updated 12:00 30/07/20)

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