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2014 Limes World Cup
Lime, Germany
Heathrow’s acrobats were in Germany at the weekend (26th/27th April) competing in the FIG Limes Acro World Cup and the Limes Junior Cup.  The seniors and juniors combined came home with a total of nine gold medals and one bronze. These results are fantastic for the Heathrow squad as they look toward the World Championships in two months’ time.
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In the senior category, the women’s group of Elise Matthews, Georgia Lancaster and Millie Spalding took an impressive gold with 28.715 ahead of rivals Belarus in silver (28.045) and Portugal in bronze (27.435).
The men’s group of Gareth Wood, George Wood, Connor Bartlett and Daniel Cook, who are also new senior in 2014 also took gold with 30.095 with a comfortable lead over Bulgaria in silver (27.230) and Belarus in bronze (26.650).

World Games mixed pair champions,
Alice Upcott and Dominic Smith did not disappoint, taking gold with 30.685 ahead of Russia in silver with 27.585 and Belaurs in bronze with 27.530.
Limes Junior Cup
11-16 years There was gold for the women’s group of Lauren Hill, Lizzie Harraghy and Addie Costello with 27.750 with Israel in silver (27.100) and Germany in bronze with 26.750. The women’s pair, Marlena Kroliczek and Harriet Cowperthwaite were just as successful also taking gold with 27.600 ahead of the Netherlands in silver and bronze with 26.550 and 26.500. 
12-18 years
The women’s group of Ilisha Boardman, Casey Ely and Niamh Mean took gold with 27.700 ahead of Portugal in silver with teammates Isabel Haigh, Lily Davies and Eddlia Osborn in bronze with 27.200. The men’s pair Lewis Falconer and Christian Wood dominated their category taking gold with 27.150 ahead of Germany in silver (26.250) and Spain in bronze (25.600). The men’s group of Lewis Watts, Conor Sawenko, Charlie Tate and Adam Upcott also comfortably took gold with 28.100 ahead of Germany (25.550).
13 – 19 years
Women’s pair Keri Rothwell-Douglas and Hannah Baughn also took gold with 27.300 ahead of Germany in silver (26.000) with GB’s Amy Cook and Lucy Weir in bronze with 25.980.