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Level 3 Primary Girls 4th

This was the first British Championships for the girls. They have worked together as a team since January 2014.
The competition was very close but after a couple of mistakes they came 4
th only 0.2 away from the bronze medal
We are very proud of the girls and their recent improvement impressed other Teams. They are our most polished primary team so far.

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Top Row from the left: Bronwen Ashley-Jones, Dante George, Louanna Newman, Caitlin Curlewis & Lena Novikova
Bottom row from the left: Amelia Daley, Ella Grater, Sofia Piletto, Lauren Evans & Jessica Collins

Level 2 Juniors 6th place

This team have only been together for one month, they are a mix of experienced gymnasts and new comers to the British Championships.
The level of Juniors in Great Britain is extremely high and we knew that with a young junior team it would be hard to reach our goal of top 6.
However the girls battled hard and with only 1 mistake, our best performance, ever they reached their goal!
Coaches Jackie Murphy & Fran Hallett are very proud of them all.

Top row from the left:
Lili Wilson, Jessica Harbert, Britney Ford, Emily Brisley, Bethinn Evans & Amelia Stewart

Bottom row from the left:
Marnie Buckley, Scout Curlewis, Laura Hogg, Sam Benn & Poppy Buckley

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